Educatec - Educatice : 20, 21 & 22 novembre 2019




  Unparalleled presence in the media thanks to the European Education Trade Shows communication plan


  • 1,860 posters on the front of Paris-Suburb buses in 186 towns in the Paris region
  • 460 posters on the scrolling billboard network of the Paris Mayor’s Office, on main boulevards in Paris and the ring road
  • 1,260 posters in the corridors of the Paris Metro
  • 250,000 small posters in educational non-profit associations and unions, schools,
    administrative offices, educational institutes and organisations, other partners and players in the educational community
  • 92 posters in Decaux back-lit displays
  • 5,000 press kits sent, before the exhibition, to all mainstream and specialized media outlets, and all the institutions in the educational community
  • 120,000 Debate schedules sent …….



  Comprehensive communication managed by EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE directed at all education professions


  •  3,000 information booklets sent in early March to organisations and bu-sinesses in the sector to present Educatec-Educatice
  • the website online in early March
  • 40,000 newsletters sent in early September providing information on the content of Educatec-Educatice
  • 50,000 Official Programmes mailed and inserted detailing the themes of the conferences, symposiums and workshops
  • 250,000 invitations sent out
  • 250,000 e-mails sent to targeted mailing lists
  • press releases throughout the year
  • advertisements and logo on partner websites
  • institutional, media and press partners