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    Our stand offers


    Central Zone

    Included: the delimited space on the ground.


    Central Zone

    Included : carpeting, dividing partitions, signboard, track lighting, spotlights, the electrical box (connexion of 3kW+box), furniture, cleaning everyday


    Central Zone

    Included : carpeting (color depend on references), dividing partitions, signboard, track lighting, spotlight, the electrical box (connexion of 3kW+box), furniture, a local store room and cleaning everyday


    Central Zone

    Included : White panels ht2.50 m, reserve of 3 m², partition wall, floor + lino floor, 2 signposts of 0.8 x 0.8 m, 16 m² wall cladding, 1 triangular slung sign (3 panels of 2 x 1 m), 1 intermittent 3 kW electrical box, 3 rails of 3 spotlights, 1 block of 3 sockets, white melamine counter with personalisation, furniture credit.


    Zone 2

    Included : Carpeted surface, structure, sign without logo, cleaning of the stand, power supply 1kw, spotlights, furniture and registration fees.

    “Ready to exhibit” stands are available in 4m2, 6m2, 8m2, 9m2, 12m2, 14m2.


    Start-up Zone

    Included : Carpeted area 4m2, 1 counter and 2 high stools, flag sign, cleaning of the stand, electrical connection, wired internet connection, registration fees.

    Pre-arranged business meetings option

    EXCLUSIVE : offered to exhibitors*

    Business meetings with the invited top decision makers

    *Offered for exhibitors whose participation amount is higher than :

    > 9 000€HT: Pack 1 agenda of 5 appointments / day, i.e. 10 appointments.

    > 15 000€HT: Pack 2 diaries of 10 meetings / day, i.e. 20 meetings.

    > 22 000€ HT: Pack 3 diaries of 15 appointments / day, i.e. 30 appointments.

    Speak out

    Educatec-Educatice gives you the opportunity to present your solutions to a directly captive and decision-making audience, take advantage of it!

    You have full editorial control of your speech, you bring a light on an offer, a presentation of a new product, a technical explanation on a tool, or use a case study as a user testimony that reinforces your presentation.

    Exhibitor conferences60 minutes

    For exhibitors only

    Speak in a room of 100 people.

    This offer includes :

    • The provision of a fully equipped room,
    • The specific welcome of the participants by a hostess,
    • The promotion of your event via invitations, program, website,
    • The file of your conference listeners

    Gagnez en visibilité

    A successful trade fair is more than just booking a stand!

    Communication tools help you to increase your visibility, to stand out from your competitors and to promote your skills to visitors before, during and after the event.

    Discover our offers to boost your visibility at the show!

    Advertising in the exhibition catalogue

    Logo on giant orientation plan

     Exclusive sponsorship of the “official” bags

     Distribution of

    Exclusive logo on badge cords

    Ground markings: traffic generator

    concierge service

    Educatec-Educatice is pleased to offer your concierge service free of charge before and during the show.

    No more daily hassles, optimize your time and concentrate on your salon.

    Meet your concierge and your hunter at the general police station of the show:

    Advice and reservations of restaurants or hotels
    Advice and organisation of client evenings
    Changes and reservations of tickets (plane, train...)
    Reservation of taxis, cars with driver
    DHL, Fedex, UPS, Coursier…
    Orders and deliveries to flower/gift/meal stands, urgent or last-minute purchases
    Dry-cleaning service, stand pick-up and delivery
    Translators, interpreters
    Last-minute office supplies...

    Non-exhaustive list: all requests will be studied and processed as soon as possible.